Strategic PR Planning
  • Media Outreach: press release and press kit distribution; getting press-worthy topics out on the wire to our extensive network of tailored contacts in print, radio & broadcast
  • Editorial Outreach: targeted pitches including seasonal stories, trend stories, new product launches, event promotions, TV appearances and more
  • Contact Management: contacting & maintaining relationships with relevant connections for the client’s business goals
  • Non Traditional Exposure: (our specialty) finding unconventional ways to get you exposure & visibility in the industry and the market place
On-line Social Media

In social media you really benefit from understanding who is currently talking about them online, what they are saying, to whom and where. After auditing what your brand footprint currently is, we together can begin to make decisions about where you should have a presence, the issues of interest to your prospective clients in social media and the discussions and debates that your brand can both benefit from and contribute to.

Current Environment

Word-of-mouth is the most trusted decision-making tool for consumers. And today, more and more people use the web for word-of-mouth – reading other users reviews and comments on particular inventions and services. In fact, online communities are increasingly a first choice for this sort of research. As a result, marketers are adapting their campaigns to allow for this change in consumer behavior; it makes a lot of sense, as online communities allow one person’s recommendation to reach thousands around the world. Click Here

This has allowed Start-ups onto an even playing field against bigger and more established companies. For Inventors and their clients we have recognized the value of social media as a way to spread awareness and generate buzz about your organization's program and client campaigns. A good campaign has the ability to create brand evangelists—tools that give people a reason to talk about you on the internet.

This allows you to engage external constituents (including clients (present and future) , associates, and shareholders) by enabling them to connect with your brand, collaborate, and share invention feedback and insights.

  • Enhanced client loyalty
  • Better market knowledge
  • Superior collaboration and communication
  • Increased innovation

It is a long-term engagement that fundamentally changes the way you and your clients innovate and develop new inventions.

Leveraging your community

Many of us know each other and will create buzz for one another as opportunity presents itself. This happens when someone writes a great article, produces a new tool or even stirs up some controversy. Leveraging your community is about that - developing relationships with others in your community for the common goal of assisting one another in business. Click Here

Enhance Collaboration with Communities
  • Instantly and easily create communities around projects, activities or interests
  • Engage in rich discussions and create/share documents with your community members
  • Keep up-to-date on your communities’ latest news and activities via tags, relevance data, and RSS feeds
  • Discover communities via search, pre-set lists, and recommendations based on your reading activity and social network
Discover Experts, Peers, & Information with Corporate Social Networking
  • View a graphical display of your social network based on explicit and implied connections with others
  • Get recommendations for additional connections based on common content, tags and interests
  • Subscribe to a person to follow an expert
  • Easily bring fresh, relevant news into any site to increase user adoption
  • Access data views for insight into users, groups, communities, tags, and feed activity
Integration with other marketing activities:

Successful marketing campaigns aren’t single channel; in fact they utilize multiple channels and mediums to enhance the overall activity. The same thing applies to marketing campaigns on social networks; those that are promoted from other locations such as (corporate websites, email newsletter, blogs, podcasts) outside of the social network have a great chance for success.

Encourage Member Interaction:

The most successful social networking campaigns and efforts involve the audience. In some campaigns, the best way to get members to return is to offer them media. Depending on demographics and community needs, this could be audio, videos, or demos

Promote others even more than you promote yourself (i.e., "others as you would have them treat you"). Linking and promoting others is a nice way to show you care about people

Managing clients on-line buzz

The first step is to track comments on blog posts, forums and message boards. Subscribing to RSS feeds helps automate this process a bit. The idea is to learn what people are saying about you, whether good or bad. Either way can be good so long as you join the conversation. Click Here

Quickly scale:

Social networks are designed for information to quickly move from member to member, so campaigns that lean on these capabilities perform the best.

Monitor Google Alerts and Yahoo Alerts closely.

Track appearances of keywords relevant to your offerings. Check out the web site where your industry content is published.

Monitor your competitors’ content to keep up with current topics.

Set up Google Alerts for competitor company names, inventions. When the Alerts arrive, review the sites where your competitors are getting their content published. Find the holes in competitor content. Fill them with better content. What’s missing? What info can be presented better?

Publish a company blog.

Blogs are easier to update than (most) web sites. By posting relevant content a few times a week, you will be more findable by the search engines and clients.

Stay on top of the latest issues/trends talked about online by your lients / clients.

Check in often with the key social networking sites that your clients use. Stay in front of your market’s info-needs curve by producing timely content about new issues that your clients are facing.

Form Mutual Relationships

Much of social media is dependent on the support of others (votes, thumb-ups, diggs, etc.). Seek out like-minded people -- who will be interested in your content -- as well as the most active users -- who are great to reach out to for advice -- and form a mutually-symbiotic relationship where you help them as much as they help you. The simple fact is that the "content universe" is far larger than what you/your site publishes. As such, it is useful to combine multiple content sources -- both in house and syndicated.

For instance, current technology allows users to select feeds from a variety of sources. Clearly, giving your viewers access to a wide variety of content, both internal and external, allow for a more rich experience for the user and enhances the engagement quotient.

Track Referrals and Traffic Trends

Blogs, social networks, social news and bookmarking sites are monitored through RSS readers. We also make it a point to monitor referrals to find traffic spikes. Once we identify these spikes, we can not only focus more attention to the source of them, but help you build relationships with the people linking to you.

Example: Keep tabs on what people are saying about your client or company’s Twitter presence by using any of the myriad of Twitter tracking programs.

Online Marketing Tools

Blogs, social networks, social news and bookmarking sites are monitored through RSS readers. We also make it a point to monitor referrals to find traffic spikes. Once we identify these spikes, we can not only focus more attention to the source of them, but help you build relationships with the people linking to you.

For businesses, blogs can be a great way to get your message out. Blogs, however, are about ongoing communication – so needs to be updated very regularly; they’re about collaboration – so it’s not just pushing a marketing message; and they’re personal – not corporate speak. Click Here


Forums are particularly good for groups of people with shared interests. Entrepreneurs in a particular region would make great candidates for forums. Brands can use them to engage their client base – with forums about their invention, services or support functions. The key here is ‘moderated’ – too many forums have no activity on them, they need to be pertinent and well managed to survive.

Social Networks

For businesses, social networks are particularly useful if you want to track what a particular client segment is saying and doing. Find out where they hang out online and then check in to see what they discuss and talk about. You might even find them discussing your brand.

Online communities

They’re great ways to engage clients or stakeholders and some big brands use them a lot. They can help with innovation and creating new ideas; with testing ideas and concepts or getting insight into what clients thing; and they really build advocacy and word of mouth.

Like forums, the success of an online community comes down to good management and moderation and a well planned set of activities or topics to discuss. You need a reason for people to take part – what do they get out of joining. This is where they differ from social networks, but also where they are more powerful. Online communities are about sharing information for others.

  • Twitter
  • Digg
  • StumbleUpon
  • FriendFeed
Other Tools

While this module focuses using Life Streams, Crowd Sourced News Tools, and Micro Media tools, you can use almost every other social media in your tool box to spread awareness and generate buzz. For example:

  • Guest blog on other sites
  • Make videos on YouTube with URL links
  • Use the status section of LinkedIn and Facebook
Track Performance of online marketing efforts
Metrics and Reports

We aggregate traffic/audience and also provide you with a set of tools to allow you to engage with your clients. Measuring and creating metrics around these components is critical. Click Here

Conversion rate is the one of the most critical macro-level statistics and trends monitored by Web marketers. Simply put, conversion rate is the relationship between two easily measured quantities:

Improving your conversion rate at the macro level means that you’ve improved your effectiveness in one or more of identifying prospective clients, creating affinity with your brand and changing the individual behavior of Web visitors.

Having the skills to improve and optimize conversion rates over time is the real job of marketing. By discovering specific patterns of behavior, marketers can tweak scoring to measure for their occurrence. In fact, they could even drive those actions to occur once the pattern has been discovered.

Website Marketing

Our agile approach to web development coupled with our test driven development strategies allow for constant marketing feedback by delivering incremental yet functional releases towards the final release.

Our solution rich offerings are driven by our professional approach to managing the project cycle:

  • Content Management Integration Solutions
  • Development, planning, and measurement of relevant analytics
  • Web 2.0 AJAX and social networking
  • Custom Web Application Development
Monitor the right metrics.

Lots of people are interested in lots of stuff online, so traffic isn’t always a key to success. We allow you to look at client sign-ups, calls, or some other action that represents a real prospect doing something on your site. Getting a thousand people to your site is useless if no one takes the actions you need.

Mobile Media (iPhone, Android and BlackBerry)
Mobile Media

We develop IPhone, Android and BlackBerry Marketing Apps that support text, images, audio, and video, and will support sponsorships and ads. Perfect Pitch’s staff is familiar with through the necessary marketing steps to increase exposure, create and deliver a strong marketing message to attract a following, and continue to develop new products and upgrades to retain existing customers.

This allows you to market yourself through
a) Integrating with social network updates via email, Twitter, LinkedIn (and coming soon via Facebook).
b) Display web content via a browser embedded in the application.
c) Enable users to search content on your website or within your application.

Media Relations

Knowledge is power. The more you know about reporters and the way they operate, the stronger you’ll be when you face them.

Perfect Pitch uses customized strategizing to provide outstanding professional media coaching to executives, doctors, celebrities, subject matter experts, and anyone else interested in preparing for news interviews

Our clients have appeared on CNN, NBC, ABC, and on the pages of major newspapers including The New York Times and USA Today. Others used their media interview training to be more effective in small local newspapers, radio interviews, and specialized trade publications.